After deciding which doggie door style will work best for your home, you can move on to additional considerations, which will inform your ultimate choice. These include things like the materials used in the construction and the ease with which they can be installed.Dog doors and frames are made of varying materials, although most are made from aluminum or some type of plastic.

Aluminum products are generally more likely to last longer, although premium plastics are often adequately strong – particularly when used in the production of small pet doors.

Some dog doors are easier to install than others are. Some can be installed in a few minutes with no tools or any skills to speak of, while other require copious amounts of both.

In the case of door- or wall-mounted units, you will have to cut a hole through the door or wall, and then assemble the door and affix it appropriately. For many owners, a professional will need to be hired for the installation (if this is your first time cutting a hole in your house, we wouldn’t recommend having at it alone) On the other hand, sliding-door-mounted pet doors are relatively quick and easy to install, and few tools (if any) are needed for the process.

Some pet doors try to make up for this fact by including two or three doors or flaps, rather than a single one. This helps to trap air inside the door cavity, which will insulate the door. Still, if energy efficiency is important to you, it’s worth considering how a dog door will affect the heating or cooling of your home.Pet doors do provide an additional entryway into your home, so you’ll also want to consider the security implications when selecting a design.The parts (bolts and nuts) that come with it are a big pain in the part of the body to which the tail is attached. I have given up on the Dog Mate dog door parts and assembly instructions (such as they are) and I am modifying the unit to accommodate my own bolts and nuts and covering the exposed interior of the door with customized versions of the supplied parts and will attach these to the foam inside the door with adhesive instead of trying to fit and secure them in the impossible spaces in the Dog Mate pet door frame.