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This door has a plastic frame with a self-liner that serves to 'frame out' a hollow core door in a thickness range of 0" - 2". The liner also makes for a neater appearance in a solid core door.The flap is a rigid acrylic with weather strip around the perimeter and seals quite well. A separate plastic locking cover is included.Available in white frame only.


These types of doors can be especially useful if you are worried about other animals entering your house, or if you want to allow only one pet in the house to come and go freely.Regardless of what type of pet door, there will always be pros and cons. We’ll take a look at some of those to help you determine if a pet door is a good choice for your home.


Whereas you may never know exactly what kind of animal resides in that home, you can be certain that when you see that small door, a 4 legged creature could soon walk out.  So this led me to ponder why some owners opt for a doggy door while others take a pass.  So let’s examine the simple Pros and Cons of a doggy door.



Keep your pet happy and your home secure with this sturdy pet door.the freedom to come and go while the door is unlocked and providing security when the locking panel is engaged. the flap is lightweight enough for cats too.

 Includes very sturdy locks to help prevent your pet from using the door when you do not want her to

 Attractive styling makes this door more visually appealing in most homes than many similar products

  Brush-sealed flap helps to prevent drafts and keep bugs and water outside