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This unit creates an air pocket between the unit’s double vinyl flaps, which helps to keep your home’s temperature from fluctuating wildly.In addition the the double flaps, the unit also comes with a sliding panel that can be lowered in the evening to keep your dog inside.


Besides providing access to fresh air and play, the primary function of dog doors is to allow dogs to relieve themselves whenever the urge strikes them. This means that the dog owner won't have to interrupt their tasks in order to let their dogs out. This also means that owners won't have to come home at lunch hour during the work day or worry about spending long hours away from home, because their dogs can leave the house to relieve themselves without assistance.


When the dog door is unlocked, any animal or even person, if the door is large enough, can enter the home. Strays and wild animals can bring dirt, bacteria and disease into the home that can affect either the household pets or the people who live there. Strays and wild animals can also relieve themselves inside. Criminals can use the door as an access way to steal items without attracting as much attention as they would by breaking a window.



They feature a vinyl magnetic pet flap that is lockable to keep your pet safe inside

Frame is made from structural foam plastic to ensure a long product life

Includes a rigid panel that slides into place, so that you can keep your pets from accessing the door when necessary

Optional wall kit allows you to trap up to 9 inches of air which creates an unmatched buffer for your home

Relies on double vinyl flaps for insulation