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Pet safe extreme weather door was engineered to be one of the best-insulated dog doors on the market, using a 3 flap system and claiming to provide about 3 ½ times the insulation than single-flap designs provide.This unit offers a manual snap-on closing panel to keep dog out – it’s not quite as fancy as the programmable systems other units offer.


The weather insulation is an important feature for you then a manual pet door might be your answer. Manual pet doors usually come in a single flap or a double-flap model that offer far and above better weather insulation than any electronic pet door on the market. Electronic pet doors are simply not made to insulate from weather and will never perform well under these circumstances. Generally manual pet doors will last longer because there are no moving parts except the flaps and are more durable with less maintenance required for them.


There are pet doors that activate via the implanted microchip that is in your pet. As well some pet doors will give you your pets location if whether they're outside or inside. Also you will have electronic pet doors that are raccoon proof and not raccoon proof. If you have problems with raccoons you'll definitely need to get a raccoon proof door as raccoons are more intelligent than what we give them credit for with them trying to intrude into your home.




This door features 3-flaps that keep extreme hot and cold weather out of your home while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. It has a maximum energy efficiency that’s 3-½ times higher than standard single-flap pet doors.

  Three-flap design, including an insulated center flap to help keep your home’s temperature from fluctuating

  Plastic frame is paintable, enabling you to match its color to that of your home

  Plastic frame is paintable, enabling you to match its color to that of your home

  Available in small, medium and large, to suit most pets